• Trails are open

    Groomer will be out as we have time. Give us some room. Slow down on corners to help keep the snow on the trail. If you find any issues please let us know.

  • Our Trails are open

    Please be safe and stay between the stakes.Not all clubs have opened their trails . Please check with them before venturing out.

  • Trails are closed

    Our trail are closed even with all this snow we are unable to open them. NY state will not let us open them until after the last day of hunting season. Please be patient and wait.

  • Trails have been closed

    As COVID has affected all our lives , so has it affected this web site. We will try to  keep it more up to date. Think snow for the upcoming season.

  • Trails are closed

    With warm weather coming , we have closed out trails.  Hoping for snow this weekend.

  • Trails are open in some areas

    As the snow amounts very  please use stay off areas where the amounts are to low.  We will be out checking trails through out the day.

  • Our trails are open

    We have decided to open our trails in the Salem area today.   There is only 3 inches of snow in the Cambridge area.  Please stay off the trails in that area.  

  • Trails Closed

    Due to the flooding and lack of snow, we have closed the trails.    Lets hope that we get more snow and cold weather so we can reopen the trails

  • Trails are open

    Ride them wide to pack them down and make a good base. Be careful. Have fun. If you find any down trees or other hazards let us know.

  • Trails are closed

    Due to the warm weather our trails are closed.