From the Grooming Team

Dec 25th 2017

We have opened the trails . Help us keep the trails open as long as we can  .   Ride them wide and keep the snow in the corners.

Be safe out there and have fun.


Feb 5,2015

Groomers have been out for the past few days .  We plan to get out the next few days .  The snow is light and fluffy and doesn’t pack well.  Please try to ride the full width of the trail to pack it down.  Take it easy threw the corners to keep the snow on the trails.  Have fun.

Join the Grooming Team.

Instead of riding by and waving, come join us.  Get some exercise and a good feeling of knowing you are helping out!

If you would  like to join our team please contact Randy Bodkin . ([email protected] or call 692-2501)